Friday, August 14, 2015


Early Friday Morning at the Downtown Venue

A pedicab driver trues his wheel in front to Allegro Cycle. 
Drivers from all around the country follow music festivals like GOTR 
to provide their unique service to festival goers. 
Rides cost between $15-20 (or more) per person depending upon 
distance and number of people. 

Crowds can be seen lining up down the street and around the corner (above and below) 
to buy the official GOTR merchandise in the old Wing and a Prayer BBQ location.

According to the people standing in line, sales staff are only allowing 
20 +/- people in at a time because of the small size of the space. 
So be prepared to wait to buy your $30 official T-shirt or other official GOTR souvenirs.

Mustache balloons at Coffee Perk (above) 
and a mustached Stewardess mannequin at World Wide Travel (below) 
are only a few of the popular Mumford and Sons branding seen about town.

I have yet to discover the definitive origin and/or meaning of the 
popularized hairy upper lip, 
but it's everywhere!

These women are only two of the numerous friendly Crowd Management crew 
you'll see working all weekend to monitor the gates and borders 
of the downtown GOTR venue.

Be sure to give them a smile! It's a hard job, but someone has to do it.

*  *  *  *  *