Friday, April 1, 2016


Simply Beautiful . . . the Red Geranium

Nothing says summer like the age-old red pelargonium, aka red geranium. 
I have 21 of these beauties waiting to plant in my patio pots that will delight me 
with their cheery red blooms well into late October or November. 
At $2.88/plant, that's not a bad investment for seven months of pleasure.

My favorite variety is the Pelargonium x hortorum Calliope that is heat-loving and drought tolerant, 
which makes it perfect for Walla Walla's hot, dry summers.

And of course, my favorite geranium color is red because I love anything red.

By the way, April 1 is my one-year anniversary for my Walla Walla Daily Photo blog and posting on the City Daily Photo site. 
Without intention, I initially caused quite a stir with my not-quite-official first submission, but once the dust settled, 
I have hopefully become a respectable CDP member, albeit not always a consistent daily poster. 
Suffice it to say, I am still the new kid on the block.

I enjoy the challenge of sharing photos of Walla Walla, a quintessential small American town 
in eastern Washington state, with my followers and readers of City Daily Photo.

If you'd like to see more April 1 theme day photos by CDP photographers from around the world, just follow the link here.