Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Greening of the Grapes

Lookin' Good

With more than 100 wineries and 2,800 acres of grapes, 
this scene is replicated throughout the Walla Walla Valley this time of year.

Keeping the weeds down and the grass between the rows mowed 
is only one job among many a fieldworker attends to during the growing season. 


  1. It's a busy time for any farmer. The only part of our province that have vineyards for wine is down around the Niagara area and the north shore of Lake Erie.

  2. Looks like a healthy grape harvest will be enjoyed this year Susan. I was looking to see if they grew a rosebush at the beginning of each row like they do here, couldn't see any.. they're supposed to indicate if there are any pests infesting the vines.

    1. I never knew why they do that. I've seen lavender grown at the ends, too. I thought it was simply decorative.

  3. Beautiful photos and also the lovely.....can almost smell the grapes. interesting about the rose bushes...etc....I have only seen lavendar in grape fields.....but those were up near Lake Erie...PA and NY.

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