Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Illuminated Gateway Arbors

Late last December, Walla Walla received the newest addition to its collection of public art--two sculptures by artist Koryn Rolstad--located at Walla Walla Regional Airport. One is located near the general airport entrance and the other (seen below) is on the tarmac just outside the passenger exit and entrance to the terminal. The project was funded in part by the Washington State Arts Commission.

The powder-coated aluminum poles of different lengths are topped with colorful translucent crescent-shaped resin substrate "wings." The sun shines through the translucent wings during the day (as seen above) and multi-colored in-ground LED lights take over at night (as seen below).

As a University of Washington graduate and Seattle artist, Rolstad has a background in architecture, engineering, 
and fine arts, and her public work can be seen around the world.

For more about the artist, follow this link: http://www.krstudios.com/http://www.krstudios.com/