Wednesday, June 15, 2016


"Where buying is giving in Walla Walla"

I've never met a thrift store I didn't like. And Walla Walla is lucky to have several despite its small size. One of the best is Yeehaw Aloha which just recently moved into their remodeled and bigger digs at 1524 E. Isaacs. Here you can find just about anything from clothing, books, vinyl records, hardware, plumbing, housewares, sporting goods, yard and garden items, and more. 

In fact, it's where I've found some of my best re-purposed objets d'art for my garden.

One of two vintage vehicles used to collect all the good stuff for the store.

Like vinyl records? Lounge in this rolling oak desk chair while you browse through the large selection.

Or relax amidst the book aisles as you peruse the titles of fiction and non-fiction.

All the glassware and knick-knacks are organized by color to making browsing easier.

Around every corner there's a different collection of items; and don't forget to look up as there is even more on a mezzanine level.

But what makes shopping here more special is that all purchases fund a variety of non-profits most of which support the youth of the community. 

So their motto of "where buying is giving to Walla Walla" really makes sense.