Saturday, July 15, 2017


Veteran's Memorial Pool

It all starts innocently enough. The towering water feature in the children's splash pool has spray fountains and water guns that shoot streams of water into the ankle-deep pool. Babies and toddlers clad in brightly colored water wings or PFDs and accompanied by their adult caregivers splash and squeal with delight as they repeatedly climb up the steps and then slide down the water slide on the other side. 

Even elementary-aged kids love to play here, one of four features at Walla Walla's new Veterans' Memorial Pool. 

But then, the red and yellow spiral bucket at the top which has been slowly filling with water, reaches capacity and dumps on the waiting children below.

Screams of delight can be heard across the venue.

P.S. I have even seen adults partaking of the fun during Adult Swim. Myself included.