Monday, July 17, 2017


Everybody Has Fun

The new Veterans' Memorial Pool has something for everyone. For those brave souls who are not fearful of heights, there are two water slides that provide several seconds of thrills. 

The RED slide on the left is a fast, straight drop to a sudden splashy stop in the run-out pool at the bottom. 

The YELLOW slide on the right, twists and turns as the rider drops more gradually into a big splash in its own run-out pool. On both slides, the key is the further back you lean, the faster you'll go. 

I know. I tried both slides.

Another popular pool feature is this string of floating platforms. The goal is to run across all 10 without being dumped in the water. 

It must be fun for those who try as the line is always long for those waiting to take their turn. For those of us on deck, it's equally fun watching. 

After days of observation, I have decided that it's best not to think too much. Those who are successful tend to just make a run for it. They also tend to be the smaller, lighter children. 

Needless to say, I have no plans to try it.

(He did not make it. Just after this shot, he fell in.)