Thursday, April 9, 2015


A Local Landmark--the Falkenberg Clock

Serving the Walla Walla Valley since 1906, Falkenberg's Jewelers was founded by Kristian Falkenberg, "jeweler, silversmith, and optician" who emigrated from Norway in 1893. After settling in Walla Walla, he opened his first store at 42 East Main in the space that is now occupied by Macy's shoe department.

Six years later in 1912 after moving to the current location at 6 East Main Street, Mr. Falkenberg installed the unique American-made clock on the sidewalk outside his store and started the routine of winding it once a week. The clock still keeps time over 100 years later.

The reflection
 of the clock can be seen along with the French flag in the next-door window of Brasserie Four, an authentic French restaurant run by local owner and chef Hannah MacDonald.


  1. I love city clocks. This fancy one is definitely a good meeting point. Maybe I will have to feature one on my blog soon - not as pretty as this one though!

  2. It's a neat looking clock. I often end up getting the clock in our Peace Tower into pics, but there are a couple of others offhand that I can think of that are lurking out on buildings here and there as well.

  3. Years ago in Chicagok, the clock on one of the corners at Carson Pirie Scott was a favorite meeting place.

  4. You could have posted this also on Weekend Reflections.


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