Monday, December 14, 2015


A Wreath for the Door and a Poinsettia for the House

Klicker's has everything you need to decorate for Christmas. After selecting the perfect tree outside, follow the well-worn path to the main store. Along the way you will pass a wall filled with wreaths in every color combination imaginable making it hard to choose--unless, of course, you are a red and green traditionalist like me. Then the choices narrow to only half the hanging wreaths. And like the trees, once a wreath is taken down for purchase, another wreath takes its place.

Stepping inside the store, the pungent smell of cut evergreens, poinsettias and sweet candy fills the air. But you don't know which way to look first-- the twinkling lights, the sparkly ornaments and all the red and green vie for your visual attention.

I especially like this Eiffel Tower loaded with a selection of seasonal poinsettias--red, white, pink and mottled.

 But this ruffled red beauty really catches my eye.


  1. Mottled poinsettias are a novelty for me.

  2. My mother would always have poinsettias in the house this time of year.

  3. Looks like a spammer got past the filters.

    1. Thanks William. I just read your reply and have now deleted the spam replies.


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