Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Post-Processing Variations

Lately I've been working to discover new ways with my photography. I've always been reticent to do much if any post-processing editing, but am now trying to push myself to utilize the tools available to me as a way to grow with my photography.

The following photos are subtle variations on the same subject--a foggy creek along Five Mile hill-- utilizing different orientations and/or post-processing editing. 
Do you have a favorite?

#1  Landscape orientation, light color saturation edit

 #2 Vertical orientation, light HDR edit

 #3 Vertical orientation, light overall tuning

 #4 Horizontal orientation, light HDR edit, light color saturation


  1. I feel that number four has the best balance of land and water, plus it lives up to your theme of being foggy. Among them all, it grabbed my interest so that I viewed it longer. Nice job with your experimentation!

  2. The fourth one is my favourite. Pretty and evocative.

  3. Just out of curiosity, what sort of camera and photo tools are you using?

    1. I would love to reply, but I prefer knowing at least a name. "Unknown" makes it so impersonal.


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