Saturday, December 12, 2015


Finding the Perfect Tree

Klicker's, formally known as Klicker Berries and Antiques, is a 4th generation family business in Walla Walla. At Christmas time, it is my go-to place to experience Christmas with all my senses. Outside, the fresh smell of pine and fir hangs in the air as I wander up and down the aisles of cut evergreen trees all vying for that special spot in someone's home. I no longer put up a tree, but that familiar scent takes me back to many Christmases past, many of which began right here with a Saturday outing along with my husband and two sons to select our family Christmas tree.

If we were lucky, there would be snow covering the bare trees and dirt paths creating that cold crunch-crunch underfoot.

Years ago, Klickers used to grow live trees that they would custom cut for customers. Nowadays, all their trees are pre-cut. They arrive all bundled up and stacked until they are eventually set free and lined up in rows.

As soon as one tree is removed to go to a home for Christmas, another tree is brought in to take its place.