Thursday, June 11, 2015


Becoming a Part of the Process

I attended my first general meeting of the Community Council this week where the results of the current study--Enhancing Outdoor Recreation Activities--were presented. What an impressive organization!

The Community Council facilitates a citizen-driven, consensus-based problem-solving process to prepare the greater Walla Walla area for future growth, change and challenges. The Community Council encourages the participation of all residents of the region. 

The study process is carried out by three committees each composed of community members: the program committee, the study committee and the implementation task force. The results of the study committee presented at this week's annual luncheon meeting has now been turned over to the implementation task force. The board of directors commits the Community Council to support this implementation effort for two years.

These are the topics studied and implemented since the beginning of Community Council in 2007. Each year the Community Council seeks suggestions from its members, community leaders and the general public to help determine the topic for its next Study.