Thursday, June 18, 2015

PEAS ON EARTH--Follow that pea.

Fresh to Frozen
Learning on the Land-Part 3

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Up to this point, the peas have been outside the main processing building where water and machinery are used to separate the edible pea from all foreign material. In the next stage the peas travel inside and enter what I like to call "Pea-Pickin' Water Park."

Triple washing cleans the peas and rids them of any remaining residue that may have made it this far.

And then the peas enter a series of

and troughs. 

Next they are blanched with multiple sprays of hot water . . .

followed by a cold, cold shower that stops all enzyme action.

The final fun in the 'water park' is the 's-PEA-dway,' where peas race across a grated surface for the final sort for uniform size.

Next, it's on to the freezer. . .

Brrrrrrr . . .

Voila! Frozen peas.

From harvest to frozen takes only four hours!

Finally, frozen peas are stored in huge totes until they are bagged for an order for a vendor such as Birds Eye/C&W.

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