Friday, July 24, 2015


. . . Almost

Fire Camp is growing everyday. What with over 1,000 fire fighters and support personnel on site, it has become a small city. And with that many people, there is a need for sanitation. I lost count today at 48 porta-potties set in clusters throughout the Fire Camp; there very well may be a few more that I missed.

Movin' in the big blue units on Wednesday from Doug's Septic Service of Walla Walla.

Line 'em up.

Even more units were brought in Friday from Rahn's Sanitary Service out of Enterprise, Oregon.

J.C. Emergency Environmental Service provides this handy 8-sink mobile handwash unit near the tents for easy access to quick wash-ups and teeth brushing.

It definitely takes a village to keep our firefighters clean and happy.