Thursday, July 23, 2015


More Behind the Scenes Views of Fire Camp from Thursday, 7/23
(NOTE: These are only some of the trucks of the night crew. There were even more trucks up in the mountains fighting the fire as the day crew.)

 Spokane County #3. . .HERE!

 West Plains Fire District 10 . . .HERE!

 Lincoln County Fire District . . . PRESENT!

 Cheney Fire Department . . .HERE!

 ASP (Albany, Sisters, Pendleton) . . .HERE from Eastern Oregon!

 USDA Forest Service . . .HERE!

 Liberty Wildfire Inc. from Twisp, WA . . .YES!

 North Kitsap (all the way from Puget Sound region) . . .WE'RE HERE!

And last but certainly not least, WW Fire Department . . .PRESENT and READY TO ROLL!