Friday, January 6, 2017


In an otherwise grey winter day, a little bit of color stands out.

As for the title, that refers to the snow-covered dirt road at right. Just over the hill in the distance, 
the road takes a sharp turn to the right. Suddenly the snow is much deeper 
as it is clear no vehicles had dared to venture further up the hill. 
So I carefully backed down into what appeared to be a flat pull out, 
only to have the rear of my SUV become stuck on an unseen hump along the shoulder. 

Hmmm . . . what now? 

Fortunately, only minutes later another adventuresome person came upon me 
and helped guide me in my vehicle further back past the hump. 
The idea was to have room to get up speed to send me up and over the hump. 
It worked! 


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  2. Definitely not the kind of conditions you want to be stuck in. The landscape reminds me a bit of countryside here.

  3. The driver who rescued me was one of only two people I saw on the road. The first was coming down while I drove up.

  4. A helping hand is always welcomed when this happens. Glad you made it out safely.

  5. Me too. I had a sudden moment of panic before he arrived.


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