Friday, January 6, 2017


The Ox and Cart

This is one of several new restaurants to open in Walla Walla in the last six months. 
As described on its website, the Ox and Cart "is a local ranch and 
farm-focused restaurant that showcases regionally grown 
and harvested specialties ranging from organically raised, 
in-house aged meats to fresh seasonal produce." 
AKA farm-to-table.

The Speakeasy Hour from 3-6 offers an abbreviated menu 
of small plates and Prohibition-style craft cocktails and local wines.

The interior decor is clean and sparse with dark wood tables and floors 
and sparkling glassware. 

Large black and white photos of farm animals and produce 
line the wall opposite the red-brick bar wall.


  1. I think I'd like the cuisine. An emphasis on local products is a good thing.

    1. My friend and I just had a drink and shared the olives and almonds appetizer, but the food reviews are all good. A bit expensive for my pocketbook, but that's to be expected for fresh and locally sourced items.

  2. The style looks like some of the new places here in Scandinavia. It used to be light colours, a lot of white too, but now it is more dark, good design and a minimalistic look.
    Many places go for products from local farmers, but these days it can be much cheaper to buy imported food, so for many it comes down to money too. ( Not so good English this.... I need more coffee.)


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